Broncos Welcome Prep Student Hjelmstrom

Coach Shelby Fortchner, and the rest of the Lady Bronco volleyball team, is excited to welcome their newest member Hanna Hjelmstrom from Laguna Hills, California.  Hanna is a prep student and will only be with the team for one year as she plans to attend the Naval Academy in 2013.  Coach Fortchner has talked with Hjelmstrom and reported that Hanna is very excited to attend the Institute.  She picked New Mexico Military Institute out of nineteen schools the Naval Academy gave her to choose from and will be visiting the campus this spring in preparation to come in the fall.

Hanna currently attends Laguna Hills High School in California where she was the team captain for the 2011 season.  She is a right side hitter and setter standing at 5’9” tall.  She has played on the varsity volleyball team for Laguna Hills from 2008 to 2011.  Hjelmstrom has played club volleyball from 2006 to present and before that, played in the U.S. Youth volleyball league from 2004-2006.  In her days of club volleyball, she has carried the title of team captain of the Saddleback Valley Volleyball Club from 2006 to present.  Hanna started playing with the Mission Viejo Volleyball Club in 2011 and currently plays with them as well.  Hjelmstrom will make a great asset to the team academically as she currently holds a 3.75 GPA.  She scored a 28 on the ACT and an 1820 on the SAT.   Coach Fortchner looks forward to having her on the team even though it is just for one year.  Congratulations  to Hanna Hjelmstrom as she joins Bronco volleyball and on her acceptance into the Naval Academy.

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