Christa Boyle Signs to Run X-Country for Coach ‘O’

Fort Sumner's Christa Boyle (bottom row, center) signs to run Cross Country next season for coach Jan Olesinski and the NMMI Lady Broncos. Top Row: Fort Sumner coach Matt Moyer, Shilo Boyle (Christa's borther). Bottom Row: Edward Boyle (Christa's father), Christa Boyle, and Christy Boyle (Christa's mother).

Coach Jan Olesinski is hoping for a team bid to the NJCAA Cross Country National Championship meet this coming Fall. He’s already recruited two young women from his native Poland, another pair from the islands of Fiji, and now he’s landed the one of the best distance runners in the State of New Mexico.

Christa Boyle, a Fort Sumner High School graduate, has signed to run for Coach ‘O’ and oh yes, she can run! She’s the three-time Class A State Champion in the 800 meter Run, and five-time Class A State Champion in the 1600 and 3200 meter events. FIVE times. So that means she won her first State titles as an eighth grader.

“I help coach the NMMI high school track and field teams during the Spring semester,” says Coach Olesinski, “so I knew she was good and have been watching her for the last few years.  I talked to her coach, and also asked her if she’d consider coming here to NMMI. They were kind of excited; didn’t say no, didn’t say yes, but that it was a good option. Everything just worked out from there. They don’t offer cross country at Fort Sumner, but she’s a great athlete and a great runner who’s done a lot of training on her own to get better. She shouldn’t have any problems making the transition to the cross country format.”

Below is an audio clip, in mp3 format, of an interview with Christa and her parents, Edward and Christy: Christa Boyle With Parents



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