4 JUNE 2010


CONTACT: CW3 Carl Hansen


Roswell, NM – Preliminary projections of fall semester 2010 enrollments keep New Mexico Military Institute on track for meeting its overall enrollment goals. After a decade of small declines in yearly enrollment, a significant increase in the number of new and returning students is projected.

Indicators such as number of applications and numbers of accepted students at this point in the admissions cycle are up over past years. Over 1,600 applications are currently in the admissions process, a number that is a 47% increase over last year and which has resulted in a corresponding increase of 40% in students already accepted for fall enrollment. Reenrollment of current cadets is also projected to increase this fall by over 10% above 2009 figures according to preliminary data.

“These incremental gains are going to take us steadily to the ultimate goal of having almost 1000 cadets enrolled by 2011,” said Major General Jerry W. Grizzle, NMMI Superintendent. “But we’ve got to keep pushing and letting people know the superb quality of the college preparatory education we provide and the value of that education in dollar terms.” Boarding School Review rates NMMI as one of the best military boarding schools in the nation based on a number of criteria, including educational value and cost, quality of faculty, college preparatory education, and number of extracurricular activities.

Grizzle noted that the cost of an education at institutions similar to NMMI is approximately $35,000 yearly. “The cost of an NMMI education is around $25,000 a year, but because we are a Land Grant institution that receives much of its funding from land resources, we essentially provide a $15,000 scholarship to a student. In the case of in-state students that results in a bit over $8,000 out of pocket for tuition, fees, room and board for a year. For out of state students it comes out a bit over $12,000.” Grizzle also said that the yearly cost can be offset through any number of scholarships both at the high school and college levels, including the Knowles Legislator Scholarship valued at $3,700 per year, up to four years.

“The admissions cycle is really heating up now that summer is here,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Savage, Vice President for Enrollment. “We are receiving approximately 50 applications a week from highly motivated students across the country and foreign nations, including China, Mexico, and France.” Savage expects applications to continue at the same pace for the rest of the summer. “If a young person wants a challenge, not only academically but in character and leadership, then I’d say fill out an application now if you want to be one of the “Superintendent’s One-Thousand.”

Designated as the official State military college and college preparatory high school, New Mexico Military Institute is the nation’s only nationally accredited State-supported co-educational 4-year college preparatory high school and junior college military boarding school. Nationally recognized for its outstanding academic, leadership and character development, and physical fitness programs, NMMI graduates excel at the local, state and national levels. NMMI provides almost $6 million annually in endowed scholarships for qualified students. Ninety-eight percent of NMMI graduates go on to a 4-year college or university, including New Mexico University, New Mexico State, Princeton, Cornell, Texas, Temple, North Carolina, Purdue and The Citadel. In addition to the demanding college preparatory curriculum, NMMI’s imbedded Service Academy Preparatory Program, the largest and most successful in the nation, sends almost 100 cadets annually to the 5 federal Service Academies. NMMI also hosts the nation’s largest, most successful, United States Army ROTC 2-Year Early Commissioning Program which enables qualified young men and women to receive a commission as Second Lieutenant in the US Army upon graduation from NMMI, with the obligation to complete their bachelor’s degree within the next 36 months.

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