Native Americans are generous and respectful; a person’s value is measured not by what they own, but by what they give. In this spirit, the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) offers the Native American Scholarship Program in Criminal Justice with the centerpiece of The Native American Law Enforcement Scholarship. The inaugural full scholarship will be awarded to qualified American Indian students attending NMMI during the 2010-2011 academic year.

The Native American Law Enforcement Scholarship, Congressionally-directed through an initial grant of $190,000, provides a qualified Native American student a full scholarship (tuition, room, board, books and fees) for two years while attending NMMI. Native American students from all tribes may apply for this prestigious scholarship, with a priority given to students from the tribes located in New Mexico.

General criteria for award of the scholarship require that an applicant demonstrate Tribal affiliation and meet the NMMI admission criteria and be admitted to NMMI as a college freshman pursuing an Associate in Arts degree with a concentration in Criminal Justice.  Once admitted, the student must maintain eligibility for continued award of the scholarship each semester as an NMMI cadet in good standing (minimum GPA 2.0 and a ‘C’ in deportment). Also, the applicant must apply for award of the NMMI Native American Law Enforcement Scholarship.

Designated as “The official State military college and college preparatory high school of New Mexico,” NMMI is the only State-supported, nationally accredited, co-educational college preparatory military boarding four-year high school and two-year university parallel junior college offering dual enrollment in the United States. Since 1891, NMMI has been the breeding ground for many talented young men and women desiring to take on a demanding challenge – in academics, leadership, and physical development.  Serving the educational needs of a diverse student population, the Institute has high admissions standards that yearly result in an enrollment of students who come from more than 40 states, the District of Columbia, and over 13 foreign nations. With both an embedded Service Academy Preparatory Program, a US Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program, NMMI also enjoys a long history of appointing its graduates to the nation’s 5 Military Service academies, as well as to important appointments in our nation’s government and military forces.

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