August 10, 2010


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Roswell, NM – Change is afoot for NMMI.  They could have danced around the issue, invoking the “we’ve always done it this way” curse. Instead, the New Mexico Military Institute Board of Regents was exceedingly direct and forward thinking in their decision at a recent Regent meeting.  During that meeting the Regents unanimously voted to offer the current Superintendent MG Jerry Grizzle a rolling three year employment contract. The Board of Regents clearly feels that MG Grizzle and his administrative team are the right people to lead NMMI over the next three years and beyond.

“MG Grizzle’s three year contract represents a sign of our commitment to him as well as an expression of appreciation for the excellent progress NMMI has made during his first year as Superintendent,” said Regent President John Henderson of Albuquerque.

“Looking out at the educational challenges the nation faces, we (NMMI) need to exploit our human talent,” Grizzle said, “to help our young men and women be successful here as well as be prepared for success at the next level.  NMMI is in a great position to draw on the experience of our team, the Commandant, Dean, and members of my staff and faculty.”

Due diligence done

For their part, the Board of Regents performed their due diligence in coming to the conclusion that Grizzle should be put on a lengthy employment contract.  Researching other New Mexico colleges and universities, the Board found that most, if not all, school Presidents are working on long term contracts that vary in number of years. Not since its founding in 1891 has NMMI’s Superintendent ever had an employment contract for longer than one year at a time.  The Regents looked at this traditional practice in light of today’s demands on educational institutions, especially boarding schools, as unworkable given NMMI’s future plans and the desire to attract and retain a greater cohort of cadets from year to year. 

Grizzle, now in his second year as the head of NMMI, was lauded for making necessary changes to streamline the administration of the school, increasing enrollment potential, and making the school more supportive of its customers, the cadets and their parents.  This fall semester was the first time in more than ten years that NMMI halted the acceptance of enrollment applications before the school year began, and school officials are “cautiously optimistic” about seeing a significant increase in enrollment.

All about moving forward

“We needed a special person to lead NMMI, we got that in MG Grizzle,” said Regent Vice President John Russell of Roswell. “We needed to make sure that our commitment to him matched his commitment to NMMI.  MG Grizzle’s contract is very much about moving forward, not continuing the status quo.  We’re on a good path, but it’s going to take strong leadership.  We have that in MG Grizzle and his team.”

Grizzle was appreciative of the new multi-year contract and the responsibilities that it entails. “I believe my priorities have been pretty well established,” he said. “They are the young men and women who attend NMMI and the expectation of them doing great things and being successful. To that end, I appreciate the opportunity to lead a school like no other educational institution in New Mexico, or perhaps the country, with the kind of balanced program of academics, leadership and physical fitness that is the foundation of NMMI.”

Change is afoot.  The Board of Regents left little doubt.

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