Fin de Semana Familiar: Family Weekend

(English translation below) El fin de semana Familia en NMMI es cuando nuestros papas vienen a visitarnos, y tiene la oportunidad de asistir a nuestras clases, ver nuestras formaciones, y donde la More »

5 Gifts NMMI has Given Me

by Cadet Jorge Garza Gift of Work: People usually hate work when they are kids, but personally, the gift of work is a blessing. You learn that hard work can get you More »

One Lap at a Time!

The Corps of Cadets marched once more for Cancer Awareness on Saturday, March 2. This charity event is organized annually by NMMI, and it provides an opportunity for cadets to donate money More »

Crest of Honor

(by Cadet MS4 Dennis Hastings) On the twenty-first of September, after DRC (Dinner Roll Call, aka Lunch), a highly motivated group of NMMI Senior ROTC Cadets prepared to embark on a motivational More »


Sharing My Life with Someone Else

IMG_2181by Abraham Mier

For the 4 years I have been at NMMI, I’ve shared my life with 7 different roommates.  Each one was unique. We experienced different stories through the school year. We shared personal information to experiences we had in our lives. We also had bad times that made us fight. But at the end of the day, we would resolve our problems and be happy again.

The Necessity of Fear

Fear of Going to NMMIby Andrés Castelo Rebeil

I always had a wrong definition of fear. I’m not saying that I was ignorant to the extent of not knowing what the word means; it’s just that I always had a slightly different idea of its significance. There is always a time in our lives when we have to face our greatest fears, and mine was coming to New Mexico Military Institute…

A Bittersweet Journey

Friends at NMMIby Jet Murphy

Typically somebody would say that spending four years with the same group of friends would be way too long of a time.  I would definitely tell them that they have never had the group of friends that I’ve had. 

It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Related by Blood

My FamilyHave you ever been afraid? Wanting to leave and just run back home? Have you ever just felt like this is not the place for you? Well, I have experienced every one of these four years ago during my first semester at the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI).

Laptop Program Brings New Tools To the Classroom

by MAJ Joel Dykstra Laptops for NMMI Cadets!

Dean Murray is fond of quoting Thomas Friedman’s recent book, That Used to be Us. (Macmillan, 2011). In the book Friedman, a columnist for the New York Times, discusses the importance of being technically-savvy in a competitive, global world. A desire to help students become comfortable with mobile technology and to take advantage of some of the latest devices as tools for learning led the Dean to convene a task force to study the idea of issuing devices to students. The result of that committee’s work was the 1:1 laptop program which issued its first laptops to all new NMMI cadets this fall.