Finding Success

By Francisco Galvez

Since I first came to NMMI, I have played football, basketball and baseball, and I learned multiple things from being in those sports. It has helped me to be a better person, better teammate, better leader. In football I learned that working together as a team, it is possible to reach higher goals. Also, that there will be people stepping in front of you to make you succeed, and how to be grateful to them. Every time we would come on the field, I felt something really special about playing that game knowing that I had my teammates to back me up. In basketball I learned that there will be many chances in life to reach goals, but not all the time will you achieve them, just like a layup or a shot during a game. Baseball, my favorite sport, taught me to follow rules in order to get what I want. To achieve, you have to follow specific steps. :ike the bases on the field, you cannot go from first base to third, before you go through second base. Coming to NMMI gave me a different perception of what being part of a team really means– not only winning games, but going deeper down the road.

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