The Importance of Finding Support at NMMI

By: Cadet Alejandro Lopez

Hello, my name is Alejandro Lopez, and I have been attending New Mexico Military Institute for three years. Every year is different because of different factors such as new rules and people leaving and entering the institute. One thing I have learned in this school is that there are many people who will help you succeed. For example, my parents have supported me when I have struggled. They give support and encourage me to continue and not to give up. Also, teachers here encourage and help you as much as they can. Teachers here actually care and want the students to succeed. One way this school is unique is that you get to live with your friends. In my case, whenever I feel like I am alone, I just go hang out with my friends and that feeling leaves my mind. Also, many of my friends ask me for help with math. Sometimes, students do not understand teachers, so helping my friends makes me feel good because I get to help them understand. The fact that I helped my friend makes me think I am a better person because that assignment could help him in the future to succeed.  In that way, I am partially responsible for his success. The thing that is magical about the school is that you can make friendships that can last a lifetime. I have met friends that I love with all my heart. It is a mutual support between us because we have all gone through the same challenges that NMMI provides. But, thanks to them, I am here in my senior year ready to graduate.


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