Becoming More at NMMI

By:  Cadet Alexandria Rivera

My life at NMMI started in August of 2013 when I was 14 years old. Now, five years later, I have much to say about how NMMI changed me. When I started, I remember never being challenged and doing homework without having to think hard about it at all. I found out that I was capable of much more after middle school. When I got my first bad grade, I knew I could have done better, so I got help from the teacher and it was a simple fix. Since then, I know what I can keep for last minute, and what needs more time. Time management is something I did not know existed. I learned quickly that time management would be my best friend that kept my life together. This school keeps you so busy that all you can think about is work and sleep. This makes free time much more enjoyable and you begin to be grateful for the little time you have to hang out with friends, making you value all the little moments the most. The friends I have made here are all good motivators and they have the same goals as me. Overall, the students here have a good head on their shoulders, so they are good influences compared to my friends back home. Going back home to where you used to be and lived for so long begins to feel different without you, and that it is good. You now have things to share and people to influence at home. If your friends see that you are more polite and open doors for other people, they begin to do the same. So, NMMI doesn’t only change your life, it changes your friends and family. NMMI has been a blessing for me and I would not be the person I am today without it.

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