How to Manage Your Time at NMMI

By: Cadet Boyd Kapalamoto

A typical day for Cadets at New Mexico Military Institute begins at 06:30 hours. Cadets clean their rooms, making their rooms ready for inspection at any time during the day, take morning attendance and march to breakfast with their respective troops, and then they prepare for class at 07:50. Time is one of the most precious resources a student has, shaping the outcome of academic and career success. Fortunately, the unique opportunities offered at New Mexico Military Institute begin to shape the skills and habits of a cadet that will stay with him/her for the remainder of his/her life. Perhaps the most crucial steps in time management involve establishing goals and following a schedule. At New Mexico Military Institute, we have a schedule that is carefully laid out for students and designed to give them the best possible results from their education. For instance, NMMI’s daily schedules, including morning tutoring, office hours for instructors, sports, and mandatory study time, offer a supportive environment intended to help students achieve to their full potential. The more Cadets are exposed to this disciplined routine, the more they learn to manage time on their own. NMMI’s daily time schedule helps students to: 

  • Prioritize tasks 
  • Be realistic about their abilities and needs 
  • Procrastinate less 
  • Be more productive 
  • Track progress according to a schedule 
  • Plan for long-term goals 

New Mexico Military Institute’s daily schedules are designed to help students get the most out of their learning experience. Every cadet is issued a daily planner for the whole academic year and instructors also give cadets a syllabus of how a course will be taught throughout the semester. The syllabus lists all assignments and their due dates. However, sometimes sports interfere with the schedule and instructors always want you to make up for the work missed in a designated period. Good time management allows Cadets to accomplish more in shorter spaces of time, allowing them to focus on achieving their goals. There’s no better environment than a military school like NMMI to help students master this skill. Some days will be different than others due to sports or educational travels which will cause shifts in your daily schedule. However, with the right skills, you can conquer any day. And remember, just because something works for someone else does not necessarily mean it will work for you. As a student who will be graduating from NMMI, it was hard to adapt at first, but I developed my own skills to help me overcome stress, procrastination and late work submission to my instructors. I learned to stay disciplined and stick to my schedule, and it has helped me throughout my time here. 

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