Etiquette Dinners at NMMI

By: Cadet Jose Robles

At New Mexico Military Institute, they teach us academic, athletic, and military education, but what many do not know is that they also teach etiquette. Once a year, we have a class on etiquette where they teach you how to behave and act when attending a formal event. This class is then followed by a dinner where you get graded on applying etiquette skills that you were just taught. This dinner is a great opportunity for cadets to learn etiquette skills and learn know how to behave in formal situations. Using the etiquette skills that you have learned shows that you understand discipline in a more civilian environment.

For this dinner, we dress up in our fanciest uniform and attend a dinner with great food and entertainment with our troop and squadron peers. This dinner is done twice a year, the first semester on a troop level, and the second semester it is done on a squadron level. This is a NMMI tradition that has been going on for many years. It is a great opportunity to learn the Institute’s traditions, because a lot of the traditions are included in the dinner. We also usually have a guest speaker who gives incredible talks. This year, the Sheriff of the county gave an incredible speech about self-realization.  This is a mandatory activity that every cadet must attend.

This is a unique activity that the Institute offers to help cadets become successful. I recommend this dinner a lot because it has taught me many etiquette skills that I never knew existed. It also has forged me into the leader I am today. I feel like this has given me additional leadership skills that I can use to go out into the world and demonstrate my values, leadership, and education to society and hopefully, improve and address many of society’s problems.

New Mexico Military Institute is a great school that offers cadets the means to develop an infinite number of tools they can use to go out into the world and lead, but most importantly make a change in this world. I came here for an education, and I am graduating from this prestigious Institute with more than just a good GPA or ACT/SAT score. I also have learned moral values, great leadership skills, and an outstanding sense of discipline.

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