Females at a Military School: What Makes Us Special

By: Cadet Kayla Sisneros

Attending an almost all-male boarding school is no easy feat for a young woman. The female cadets of the New Mexico Military Institute are some of the toughest ladies you will ever meet. Standards for us are no different or lesser than those for the males, which makes the women feel equal, and just as determined to strive for excellence. NMMI females are strong, patient, and most of all, one in the same with those around them. Walking into the Hagerman Barracks my first day, I looked around at the girls who would become my family, close friends, and lifeline while going to school here. We are more than just girls who go to military school, we are a sisterhood and a remarkable group of young women reaching for the stars.

Many of us females at NMMI did not plan on attending a predominantly male institution. For the majority of us, this is just one step toward accomplishing some of life’s biggest goals, like an appointment to the Air Force Academy, making the Olympic team, or even a sports scholarship to a Division I program. Sports, ROTC, high school prep, and US Service Academy prep are just a few of the things that brought us to this school. The one thing all of us have in common is that we can and will make the most of our time here. While it may not be easy, we power through struggles like enormous homework loads, long trips across the country for sports, and spending much of the summer training to serve our great nation.

The women of New Mexico Military Institute are above average, and nothing short of hard working. Most teenage girls growing up probably cannot picture themselves dealing with the stress, judgement, and overwhelming responsibility that comes with being an Institute cadet. Those who take this journey are some of the toughest young women in the world. We sacrifice so much to get to where we want to be in this world, and it is not always easy. Just ask any female cadet attending NMMI right now. They will tell you that coming here changed their life and prepared them for real world struggles. While the average teenage girl might spend school nights out with friends or working a job, female cadets spend their evenings doing hours of homework, studying with a group, or receiving tutoring. How many girls can you think of that could do all of that for twelve semesters?

Moreover, Institute ladies are spectacular young people who defeat the odds, never give up, and deal with a lot more stress than most people know. Being held to the same standards as the young men we attend school with, the days here at NMMI are anything but sunshine and rainbows. To have what it takes to be a successful female cadet here at the Institute, one must persevere, be patient, and continue to shoot for the stars.



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