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How to Manage Your Time at NMMI

By: Cadet Boyd Kapalamoto

A typical day for Cadets at New Mexico Military Institute begins at 06:30 hours. Cadets clean their rooms, making their rooms ready for inspection at any time during the day, take morning attendance and march to breakfast with their respective troops, and then they prepare for class at 07:50. Time is one of the most precious resources a student has, shaping the outcome of academic and career success. Fortunately, the unique opportunities offered at New Mexico Military Institute begin to shape the skills and habits of a cadet that will stay with him/her for the remainder of his/her life. Perhaps the most crucial steps in time management involve establishing goals and following a schedule. At New Mexico Military Institute, we have a schedule that is carefully laid out for students and designed to give them the best possible results from their education. For instance, NMMI’s daily schedules, including morning tutoring, office hours for instructors, sports, and mandatory study time, offer a supportive environment intended to help students achieve to their full potential. The more Cadets are exposed to this disciplined routine, the more they learn to manage time on their own. NMMI’s daily time schedule helps students to: 

  • Prioritize tasks 
  • Be realistic about their abilities and needs 
  • Procrastinate less 
  • Be more productive 
  • Track progress according to a schedule 
  • Plan for long-term goals 

New Mexico Military Institute’s daily schedules are designed to help students get the most out of their learning experience. Every cadet is issued a daily planner for the whole academic year and instructors also give cadets a syllabus of how a course will be taught throughout the semester. The syllabus lists all assignments and their due dates. However, sometimes sports interfere with the schedule and instructors always want you to make up for the work missed in a designated period. Good time management allows Cadets to accomplish more in shorter spaces of time, allowing them to focus on achieving their goals. There’s no better environment than a military school like NMMI to help students master this skill. Some days will be different than others due to sports or educational travels which will cause shifts in your daily schedule. However, with the right skills, you can conquer any day. And remember, just because something works for someone else does not necessarily mean it will work for you. As a student who will be graduating from NMMI, it was hard to adapt at first, but I developed my own skills to help me overcome stress, procrastination and late work submission to my instructors. I learned to stay disciplined and stick to my schedule, and it has helped me throughout my time here. 

Being an International Student at NMMI

By: Cadet Christopher Bulus

Life as an international student at NMMI is awesome. Most students in the school are internationals, with many of them being athletes. The reason is because the United States is one of the countries that encourages the combination of education and sports to contribute to the success of an individual. There are lots of benefits and opportunities for international students at NMMI and they are: getting to study at a highquality institution, choosing from a broad range of associate degree programs, enjoying the military lifestyle on campus, improving individual English skills, making friends and study partners from all over the world, and getting international experience on your resume. 

The Institute has been around for over 125 years. It is also recognized as one of the top military junior colleges in the country in terms of academics and athletics. I have had the chance to learn different leadership characters from international and local cadets. 

There are many associates degrees in arts and science available at the Institute for every student to study and acquire their two years degree. Students meet and interact with experienced and qualified teachers in a class that has a maximum of only eighteen students. 

The military lifestyle on campus is awesome because every international student in the school has to room with an American student.  This creates a learning opportunity to share each other’s different culture and helps foster the skill of learning to interact with people from different places. The Institute creates a diverse campus environment that prepares all students for a brighter future in the 21st century with suitable careers in the global economy. 

For international students, English might not be the first language they speak, and it will be very challenging for them to speak in the classrooms, at first.  But, NMMI provides English writing labs and tutors to guide the students as they learn English. 

Making friends and study partners at the Institute is very natural and important because it is the best way to excel in both academics and in life. Teachers give group assignments that will help build self-esteem within students and this is most beneficial to internationals as they are still adapting to the environment. International students attract the best of the best from all over the world. This brings in the most talented and brightest students and athletes from around the world. 

Lastly, international students get the benefit of being recognized with an international certificate.  This will help increase their chances of getting jobs and fitting into the real world. 

In summary, the benefits of being an international student at NMMI are worth it because the Institute prepares the student to be leaders of tomorrow who will consistently lead with integrity, fairness, honest, and clear communication. I am an international student from Nigeria, and I am proud to say that I have acquired a lot of knowledge from the extensive opportunities that are available here at the Institute. 


Friends Who are Like Family at NMMI

By Cadet Carlos Andres Retamoza

My name is Carlos Andres Retamoza, and I am 16 years old. I am from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. At the age of 15, I went to live outside of my country to study at the New Mexico Military Institute. I think I threw myself into the abyss with all of the other students. It was the first time I left the country, and I did not speak the language of my new country of residence. I was going to live with strangers, and within days of arriving, I started classes within a system totally unknown to me. I came to study at the New Mexico Military Institute without knowing it was the best decision I had made in my life. Every day, every activity that I had to carry out was an apprenticeship.  Sometimes apprenticeships were full of pleasant surprises, and other times they were apprenticeships full of frustrations and effort. During this period, one of the things I learned was the importance of the friends I made at the New Mexico Military Institute. Many of these people were international students, like me, who were going through the same experience that I was going through, and they perfectly understood my difficulties. They quickly became an important support network and even more, I discovered that due to the circumstances that bind you, these friends happen to become “your family” while you are away from home. There are many stories that I can tell you about the support, the laughter, the love, and the solutions found together with friends. There are many stories that happen with my friends at the Institute, and I can tell right now the importance of all of them. Having friends and knowing that I am surrounded by so many wonderful people strengthens me.  Every time I have had to go through some difficult situation, I have never felt alone even though I am so far from home. That’s why I consider friends the greatest treasure you can have while living abroad.

The Importance of Being a RAT

By Cadet SFC Jose Robles

To be a RAT means to be a Recruit-At-Training. It means to be a follower, but most importantly, it means that you are becoming part of the NMMI family. The RAT traditions have been a part of the institute since it was founded, which is 127 years of traditions. Every new cadet is a RAT, no matter their age or grade. The first year you come to NMMI, you will be a RAT your entire first semester. During this period, you cannot gain any Rank or position in the corps of cadets. Your job is to be a follower. It is important to be a follower during this time because you gain knowledge and experience. Once the first semester is done, you will turn to the Rank of private. This is the time when you can apply for leadership positions and Rank in the Corps of Cadets.

Being a RAT comes with many responsibilities. You will have to do certain RAT duties like Rat walking, RAT running, popping to, and wearing certain distinctions on your uniform that identify you as a Recruit-at-Training. Many incoming cadets do not make it through this period. It really is hard. Everyone will be after you and making sure you do the right thing at all times, even if nobody is looking. But many do make it, and believe me, it is a great satisfaction when you see you did make it and you conquered all of the challenges that NMMI exposes you to.

Your RAT year will be the best year you will experience here at the institute because even though it is tough, your RAT buddy connections are incredible. Your RAT buddies are incoming cadets who are experiencing the same challenges you are, and that creates friendships that will last a lifetime. The connection you and your RAT buddies create is an amazing bond that will motivate you and make you get through the challenge of being a RAT.

A Piece of Home at NMMI

By Cadet Sierra Walker


Having a sister at New Mexico Military Institute is great. But, there’s something even better than having one sister at NMMI… having TWO! This is my sixth year at the institute, and I have been blessed with having the opportunity to attend the last five years with at least one of my three sisters. Two of my younger sisters, Mia and Tessa, are currently enrolled here at NMMI.  Mia is a junior, and Tessa is a freshman.

I love that I’ve had the chance to attend school with my sisters because it has brought us all closer together. We spend a lot of time here with each other. My favorite time to spend together is in the dining hall.  I love eating with them because we get to talk about our day and fill each other in on things that are going on. Before we came to NMMI, my family and I would sit down every evening at dinner and go around the table saying one good thing and one bad thing about our day. Eating dinner with them brings that little piece of home here to NMMI.

NMMI has provided us with many opportunities to spend time together. We all run cross country and track, so we get to see each other every day for practice. Having a sister here is awesome. The best part is that I always have a friend, or two, that I can count on no matter what. We have formed a special bond that we will share forever.

I am so grateful that I have been able to spend my last year here at the Institute with Mia and Tessa. Next year I will be in a different school and that will limit our time together. I am cherishing these moments I have with them now because I may never get to experience an opportunity like this again.