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The mission of NMMI is to educate, train, and prepare
young men and women to be leaders capable of critical thinking
and sound analysis, leaders who possess uncompromising character,

and leaders able to meet challenging physical demands

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Attached is the NMMI Fall 2017 Supplemental Scholarship Application – Second Release listing all scholarships still available for awarding in the current term (Fall 2017).  If you would like to be considered for these available funds please review the list carefully.  Select only those listings for which you qualify and have not already received an award and return to the NMMI Scholarship Office as soon as possible.  The application can be emailed to; faxed to 575-624-8225; mailed to NMMI Scholarship Office, 101 W. College Blvd., Roswell, NM  88201, or hand-delivered to the Scholarship Office in Lusk Hall on the NMMI campus.  The NMMI Scholarship Office will review your submission on a first-come, first-served basis until all possible funds have been awarded.  Please submit only one form (collaborate with parent if necessary).

NOTE:  New this year – we will require documentation for need-based applications.

The SSS Form must be submitted for High School cadets requesting need-based aid consideration.  You may complete the form on-line at   

The FAFSA must be submitted for Junior College cadets requesting need-based aid consideration.   You may complete the form on-line at Home – FAFSA on the Web – Federal Student Aid

Be sure to select the 2017-2018 option for application year. 

If you have questions, please contact the Scholarship Office at 575-624-8174; 1-800-421-5376; or come by the Scholarship Office in Lusk Hall. 

Fall 2017 Supplemental Scholarship Application



              Wednesday 25 October 2017
                            (Cadet Uniform is Class C)
0615 Practice  (Stapp Field)
1715-1800 Free SRC for Cadets in Good Standing
1730-2000 1ST and 3RD Class Ring Dinner (Cadet uniform Winter A) (VMV)
         Thursday 26 October 2017
              (Cadet Uniform Summer A All Day)
0620 Free BRC (NOT a Free Rev)
0800-0900 Foundation Annual Membership Breakfast Meeting  (Luna Hall – Funk Conf Room) Invitation Only
0900-1030 NMMI Foundation Board of Trustees Board Meeting (Luna Hall – Funk Conf Room)
0800-1830 Alumni Registration  (JRT)
1100-1230 Free DRC
1130-1300 Senior College Luncheon (invitation only)  (Gold Room)
1300 Lefty Stecklein Scholarship Golf Tournament  (NMMI Golf Course)
1730 Homecoming Court Practice – (select personnel)  VMV
1750 Corps formation and movement to SRC
1800 Prayer Service for families of Silver Taps Honorees  (Alumni Chapel)
1840 Corps Formation  (Hagerman Barracks)
1900 Silver Taps – Corps of Cadets, Alumni, and guests  (Hagerman Barracks)
1930-2100 Alumni Reception following Silver Taps – Hosted by MG and Mrs. Grizzle, Alumni and guests                                   (NO CADETS AND NO ONE UNDER AGE 21)  (Quarters One)
            Friday 27 October 2017
(Cadet Uniform B W/Brass, ACU for Colt Football Game)
0620-0710 BRC with formation
0800-1600 Alumni Registration  (JRT) (CLOSED 1045 – 1330)
0830-1100 Board of Regents Meeting (BOR Conference Room, Lusk)
1130-1330 Alumni Luncheon and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (Civic Center)
1145-1230 Corps Formation and DRC March By to Bates / Free DRC
1400-1500 Alumni meeting with MG Grizzle and NMMI Staff (Mabee Auditorium, Toles Learning Center)
1700-1900 Hall of Fame Reception – Hosted by MG and Mrs. Grizzle Quarters 1 (Invitation Only)
1730-2000 Alumni vs Bronco Baseball Game  (NMMI Baseball Field)
1745-1830 SRC w/Formation
1900-2300 Alumni Love Feast (Civic Center)
1900-UTC Colt Football Game v. Hope Christian
       Saturday 28 October 2017
(Cadet Uniform is B w/Brass All day)
0620 BRC w/Formation
0730-0830 Crossed Saber Society Breakfast (Invitation Only) (Roswell Country Club)
0730-0815 Uniform Inspection – B w/Brass   (Hagerman  Barracks)
0800-1200 Alumni Registration   (JRT)
800 Goss Drill Team Exhibitions   (Bronco Plaza)
0815-0915 Room Inspection  (Barracks Area
0900 Change of Flame Guard  (Bronco Plaza)
0900-1030 Admissions tour of Campus (Tour begins Lusk Hall)
0915-1015 Visitation of Barracks – Alumni and guests / Tour by cadets for Alumni Spouses
1015 Corps forms for Parade
1015-1030 Honored Classes form for Alumni March  (Hagerman Main Sally Port)
1030-1135 Alumni Honored Class March and Homecoming Parade   (Stapp Field)
1150 DRC w/Formation
1330 Corps forms for march-on
1340 Corps of Cadets March on for Football Game  (Colt Field)
1400-1700 NMMI Bronco Football vs. Navarro (Colt Field)
Half time w/Regimental Band
The Homecoming Court will be announced at Halftime
1900-2300 Alumni Honored Class Dinners (Civic Center)
2000-2300 Corps Homecoming Dance (Uniform Summer A) – VMV
      Sunday 29 October 2017
(Cadet Uniform Summer A All Day)
0815      Corps Accountability Formation
0830 Chapel Pass available or RATS upon request
0830 Protestant Services  (Alumni Memorial Chapel)
0830-1700 General Permit if authorized
1700 Catholic Services  (Alumni Memorial Chapel)
1810 SRC w/Formation
1900-2130 Library open  (Toles)

Bronco Bux

New Mexico Military Institute is pleased to offer – Bronco BuX – a convenient, secure way to make cashless purchases on campus while enrolled at NMMI. Bronco BuX can be purchased by anyone who wishes to add value to their Student ID card and utilize these funds to make purchases in your NMMI Cadet Store, The PX Grill, and Game Room Coffee Shop.

How Do They Work?

Your Bronco Bux account works like a debit card. The account allows you to draw upon pre-deposited funds to purchase books, school supplies, health and beauty items, food and snacks throughout campus. Having Bronco Bux is a great way to have the money you’ll need without carrying cash.

How to Purchase?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to ensure your cadet’s school needs are covered  by paying in person at the Sodexo main office or calling 575-624-8217. You may also add value anytime by debit/credit card at . Funds transferred into Bronco Bux by debit/credit cards are available to cadets instantly and check deposits on the business day received.


NMMI Parent Club Swap Shop Guidelines

The Parent Club Swap Shop is a program being offered through the joint efforts of the Commandant’s office and the NMMI Parent Club for old cadets.  A limited number of used uniform items are available through the Swap Shop for Cadets that need to replace damaged or poorly fitting items.  The Swap Shop may save cadets some costs when needing to replace uniforms. However, Cadets should not expect to find all items needed at the Swap Shop and should still expect to purchase new uniform items at the Cadet Store at their own expense.

Here is how the program works:

  1. Cadets can swap ill-fitting or damaged uniform items on a 1 for 1 basis. No money is exchanged.
    2. Most of what the Swap Shop has is blue pants, white shirts and ACU’s. Some other items including black jackets and hats may occasionally be available.
    3. The Swap Shop is located in a shipping container behind Saunders Barracks and will be available BY APPOINTMENT by emailing Parent Club volunteers at
    4. The Parent Club will schedule Swap Shop appointments only when Cadets are not busy with other responsibilities and as approved by the Commandant’s Office.
  2. Because the Swap Shop is located outside and has no electricity, appointment times are dependent on weather and daylight.
  3. Cadets should arrive at the Swap Shop with the items they wish to swap on hangers if possible.  It is ok if items are damaged or unclean.
  4. It is best if Cadets wear summer P.T.’s or similar lightweight shorts and shirt so uniform items can be put on over clothing to test the fit.  No changing rooms or private areas are available.
  5. The Swap Shop is staffed with background checked parent volunteers.  These parents have donated their own time and resources to have a Swap Shop available to Cadets. Please be patient and respectful.
  6. The Swap Shop parent volunteers will not release items they consider to be ill fitting.  However, if minor alterations are needed it is the Cadet’s responsibility to have them done at their own expense.
  7. Cadets are still responsible for maintaining serviceable uniform items and uniform repairs as outlined in the Blue Book.  If a Cadet receives a replacement item they must also be inspected by their TLA to  ensure proper fit.

Important Dates for the 2017-2018 School Year

25-28 Oct Homecoming/Alumni Weekend/Parade – Parents Invited
3-4 Nov NMMI Hosted JROTC Drill Meet
10 Nov NMMI-Hosted Veterans Day Breakfast on Campus
11 Nov Veterans Day Parade-Stapp Field – Parents Invited
TBD NMMI Winter Concert – Parents Invited
TBD Candlelight Holiday Service Alumni Chapel  – Parents Invited
15 Dec Midyear Graduation and Commissioning – Parents Invited
2 Jan 2018 Spring Cadre Arrive
5 Jan Spring New Cadet Matriculation
7 Jan Old Cadets/Break in Service Return
8 Jan 1st Day of Class
27 Jan Matchin Awards Ceremony/Turning of eligible Fall New Cadets
3 Feb End of 28 Day Milestone for Spring RATs – Parents Invited
TBD Spring Family Weekend – Parents Invited
28 April Final Ball
TBD NMMI Spring Concert –  Parents Invited
11 May Academic, Leadership, Athletic Awards Ceremony for Graduating Cadets  – Parents Invited
11 May Baccalaureate – Parents Invited (Begins at 10:00 AM)
12 May College Commencement – 0800, High School Commencement 1000 – Parents Invited (Cadets must clear campus by 2:00 PM)


The following are scheduled Holiday breaks for the 2017-2018 school year.

*All Dates/Times Subject to Change – Always check with your cadet’s TLA or SLA.

After classes 17 November 2017 until 5:00 PM 26 November 2017


Cadets MUST depart campus by 10:00 AM on 18 November, no exceptions

Thanksgiving Break
After last final exam until 5:00 PM 7 January 2018


Final exams start 8 Dec. and end 13 Dec. Check with your cadet as finals are dependent on their individual schedule.  Cadets MUST depart campus by 12:00 PM on 15 December, no exceptions


If cadets need to register for classes, attend to uniform issues, or get haircuts, they may return as early as 5 January 2018

Christmas/Winter Break
After classes 29 March 2018 until 5:00 PM  8 April 2018


Cadets MUST depart campus by 10:00 AM on 30 March, no exceptions

Spring Break

 Barracks will re-open at 1700 Saturday – one day prior to the required

return date for all breaks for those who must arrive early.




  1. New Mexico Texas Coaches, LLC (1-800-287-5466) will provide holiday airport transportation for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks.
  • During the holiday breaks cadets are not permitted to remain in the barracks since there are no services (barracks supervision, medical support, or food services).  The details governing cadet holiday buses will be published on the Parent E-News and NMMI Website by 1 August 2017.  Please note NMMI does not manage holiday transportation, you must contact New Mexico Texas Coaches, LLC for details and pricing. The bus companies are not responsible for delayed or cancelled flights and are not obligated to hold bus departures from the airport. We always recommend that cadets arrive at the airport well before bus departure times for return to Roswell.
  • Cadets and parents should expect bus departures to Albuquerque Airport at 0600 (6 am) on Saturday, 18 November with return to NMMI from Albuquerque Airport on Sunday, 26 November at 1800 (6 pm) for Thanksgiving,  0600 (6 am) on Friday, 15 December with return to NMMI from Albuquerque Airport on Sunday, 7 January at 1800 (6 pm), and 0600 (6 am) on Friday, 30 March with return to NMMI from Albuquerque Airport on Sunday, 8 April at 1800 (6 pm) for Spring Break.
  • NMMI provides a shuttle to Roswell airport with departures from campus on the same days and times for cadets departing from campus to Albuquerque (see previous paragraph for times).  NMMI does not provide a shuttle for returning cadets after breaks from Roswell airport due to limited resources and multiple arrivals.
  • Sunshine Cab Company, (575) 910-3400, provides local transportation.  The city of Roswell also operates local city buses and cadets in uniform may ride the city buses for free.


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